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And Down The Rabbit Hole I Go!

Updated: Jul 1

A rabbit hole it is!

Building this website and getting into the guts of Wix's functionality has been both interesting and a huge learning curve. Formatting and page design, SEO, and ideas about content has at time left me with choice paralysis. No bad thing though as the ideas generated about what i can do here keep on bouncing around my mind. I need to focus on adding content and filling the pages already set up so that the site feels full of the things i do.

This will take time, as i have to balance life too. Spending quality time with my partner, my actual day job and the normal day to day stuff that keeps life full. I'm enjoying myself though, the start of this journey is very fulfilling.

Oh, even though the images in this blog post aren't entirely consistent, my partner thinks they're very cute and has named him Steve. So henceforth blog post robot is now called Steve!

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