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Hello World! New Site, New Beginnings, Adventures In AI

Updated: Jul 1

AI Robot Waving Hello To The World
AI Robot Waving Hello

I'm Carl. And as i get deep into middle age I think it's time to try out some life changes. So here I am. I suppose you'd like to know a little about me and why I've made a website.

At the age of 46 (at the time of generating this site in May 2022) I've been considering a change, to begin to go it alone it terms of work, rather than being beholden to a corporation and the 9-5 grind of working life. Modern technology and a slightly creative bent means there's scope to work for me, through the medium of AI generated art to sell to you fine people. Should you be interested in what I produce of course.

So I'm putting myself out there and the universe will do what it shall with me, this new adventure begins.

I've started to make colouring books, canvas wall hangings featuring Art Deco, Art Nouveau and abstract designs, and backgrounds for PC, Mac and Mobile. All via AI and what turns out to be a personally fulfilling creative process.

I'm engaged, infinitely more so than in my job as an IT Manager!

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